When i was little, i loved this movie. The storms, the mood, the tension. To watch it again from an adult perspective was fantastic.


This is no movie review and the blog no cinema-site. But twister suits perfectly to illustrate what the blog is.

At the beginning of the film, the main character witnesses as a little girl, how her dad is sucked up in a tornado as he tries to protect his family from the storm. As an adult, the girl has become an obsessed woman. Obsessed with tornadoes. Together with a small team of crazy people, she hunts twisters across the country risking her life until she reaches her goal: to release hundreds of small probes into a tornado which for the first time in history provide data from the inside of a twister and thus enable a life saving early warning system.

The blog is an early warning system. Here, I publish my collected data.

But they are not about literal storms. The blog is about the tornadoes of psychological disorders that can cause a lot of damage to families and relationships.

As someone who has spent some time inside the funnel of such a tornado in his youth and later as an obsessed hunter, i’ve collected many data over many years. Data that differ from the objectively observing psychology by the perspective from which they were collected.

But as the main character in Twister states at the ending: “i think i’ve seen enough”, i’ve seen enough too. And i won’t take you as a reader back to the storms of my past. I don’t go back myself either. The data is collected, the purpose of the “hunt” fulfilled.

Now, I’m enjoying the sunny life outside of the storms. And enjoy the positive legacy of my past. A useful legacy.

And i’m happy to share it with you!

Sunny greetings

The descriptions are not meant to serve for any kind of diagnosis. This should be done by professionals only. Goal Of the blog is to impart enough knowledge that one can spot the emerging of serious “psychological storms” in relationships and families life before it gets too windy.

The copyrights of the Twister movie poster and the used “Dorothy” image belong to: Warner Bros. Pictures


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