The Strom-Data

dorothy sonden


This is what the storm-data look like in raw version.

What do the letters and numbers mean?

They are inner short-circuits of the functions Thinking, Feeling and Acting. In “sunny” state, these functions are not short-circuited. Neither with themselves nor with one another. But serve to connect the inner world with the outer, serve to communicate. They flow.

All functions have a specific relational quality:

Feeling: towards one another, vibing, amplifying, conscious of emotional states
Thinking: distancing from one another, differentiating, objective, conscious of boundaries, facts and identity
Acting: against one another, actively changing, cause-and-effect, conscious of responsibility and consequences

Every function is of equal importance in functional relationships and families.

In a sunny state, the “inner observer” is in charge of the functions. It’s the part of the psyche that distinguishes humans from animals: his consciousness. This inner observer sees the other person and their emotional state as well as their own through his feeling function. He recognizes and acknowledges boundaries, sees facts, sees what he knows and what not through his thinking function. and he sees the consequences of his actions and thereby his responsibility through his acting function. He decides and acts out of this state of consciousness.

But the psyche can – in order to protect itself – wire differently. Every type of the enneagram is based onĀ  a specific childhood distress, which it had to protect itself from.

The numbers are attributed to the enneagram Types:
For Acting Types 8, 9 and 1 the childhood distress was a threatened autonomy.
For Feeling Types 2, 3 and 4 it was lacking emotional warmth.
And for Thinking Types 5, 6 and 7 it was missing security.

As a child, every person was inherently inferior. With a normal use of the functions, one could not solve childhood problems externally because one was lacking the needed power. So the Psyche protected itself internally. By choosing one of 9 possibilities to shut down and short-circuit the functions. Like this, the soul survived. The problem was temporarily solved and the functions remained. They didn’t die away because they remained in use. Basically a very intelligent protection mechanism of the psyche. But as necessary it was in childhood, as problematic it gets if one gets triggered back into it as an adult. And even more problematic if one gets permanently trapped in it – which would be a personality disorder.

Marked red are the primary short-circuits. These are the ones with which the psyche internally coped with the childhood distress in the first place. The two secondary short-circuits are a consequence of the first one and served as its support.



For Acting Type 1, the childhood distress war threatened autonomy. So the childhood problem was an issue on the acting level. Because it could not be solved by communicating externally, it had to be coped with internally in one of three possible ways: To love and amplify his own acting (FA), to distance himself from his acting (TA) or to alter, control and dominate his own acting (AA). Acting Type 1 is the one who solved the problem in the latter way: he “handled” his actions, short-circuited the action energy with itself. The remaining functions connected with one another to support this strategy: he distanced himself from his emotions (TF) and amplified his thinking (FT).


The childhood distress of a feeling type 2 was coldness. The supply of emotional warmth was not secured. So his childhood problem was on the emotional level. Because he was not able to solve this problem by communicating with his parents outside of himself, he had to deal with it internally. And he had three possibilities: Loving the own feeling (FF), to distance himself from his own feelings (TF) or to control and dominate, to actively alter his feelings (AF). Feeling type 2 is the one who solved it in the first way. He “loved” the feelings, amplified them, short circuited the feeling energy with itself. The other psychological functions, thinking and acting connected with each other: he controlled the thinking (AT) and distanced himself from his actions (TA).


Also for Feeling Type 3 the childhood distress was emotional coldness. but different from Type 2, he solved the problem by distancing himself from his emotions (TF) as his primary protection. Further, he amplified and identified with his thinking (FT) and dominated his actions (AA).

And so forth…

Sunny greetings

The Strom-Data


When i was little, i loved this movie. The storms, the mood, the tension. To watch it again from an adult perspective was fantastic.


This is no movie review and the blog no cinema-site. But twister suits perfectly to illustrate what the blog is.

At the beginning of the film, the main character witnesses as a little girl, how her dad is sucked up in a tornado as he tries to protect his family from the storm. As an adult, the girl has become an obsessed woman. Obsessed with tornadoes. Together with a small team of crazy people, she hunts twisters across the country risking her life until she reaches her goal: to release hundreds of small probes into a tornado which for the first time in history provide data from the inside of a twister and thus enable a life saving early warning system.

The blog is an early warning system. Here, I publish my collected data.

But they are not about literal storms. The blog is about the tornadoes of psychological disorders that can cause a lot of damage to families and relationships.

As someone who has spent some time inside the funnel of such a tornado in his youth and later as an obsessed hunter, i’ve collected many data over many years. Data that differ from the objectively observing psychology by the perspective from which they were collected.

But as the main character in Twister states at the ending: “i think i’ve seen enough”, i’ve seen enough too. And i won’t take you as a reader back to the storms of my past. I don’t go back myself either. The data is collected, the purpose of the “hunt” fulfilled.

Now, I’m enjoying the sunny life outside of the storms. And enjoy the positive legacy of my past. A useful legacy.

And i’m happy to share it with you!

Sunny greetings

The descriptions are not meant to serve for any kind of diagnosis. This should be done by professionals only. Goal Of the blog is to impart enough knowledge that one can spot the emerging of serious “psychological storms” in relationships and families life before it gets too windy.

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